A photographer, painter, ceramist and sculptor, the Belgian artist Serge Vandercam overcame the barriers between art forms. His poignant work expresses an underlying anxiety. Here, an informal projection, and there, a representation that takes ownership of the space. Vandercam joined the Cobra group (1948-1951) immediately after the Second World War. His work overthrew the conventional practices and joined forces with the Surrealist actions.

Painting rapidly appeared as a necessity, a practice that would allow him to express a poetic imagery. The year 1952 would prove to be a turning point when Roger Van Gindertael, director of the Art d’Aujourd’hui magazine, commissioned him to shoot portraits of contemporary artists in order to illustrate the book Témoignage pour l’art abstrait. As he met these painters, the photographer’s desire to go beyond the conventional artistic borders became clearer. With this intention set, the journeys he later embarked on would leave permanent imprints of obsessing visions; Turkey, the Fagnes, Italy and Hungary all nurtured a creative frenzy, and became the grounds for various experiments.

These days, scientific research has a tendency to renew its approach. This website has been conceived to satisfy the growing interest in Serge Vandercam’s work. His work is ever shifting and reveals itself more with each passing day. Our wish is to offer a wide vision of it, in a constant expansion, pervaded with the beauty of these many expressions.